YOU ARE NOT ALONE- the story behind the song

Maysa Shares Her Preemie Story with The World HERE

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“I was inspired to write You Are Not Alone because of my experience with the premature birth of my son, Jazz, and the help I received from the March of Dimes” says Maysa. “I remember how difficult it was to give birth to a preemie, especially in a foreign country, and how alone one feels in that situation. The lyrics and melody came to me in minutes once the floodgates of emotions from that experience came rushing over me. As I was writing the song, it connected to so many other situations in life where the feeling of solitude can be overwhelming. We all have those experiences, and it helps to know there are others who care and are there for us. The March of Dimes was that for me with my son, and I’ve spent my life trying to be that for others. We all just need to know there is someone to help us through the tough times in our journey.”

Love you all.... Maysa.